Our People

Our People (The Unstoppables!) We have a robust, diverse global team connecting through several time zones working to serve our customers literally round the clock. The Unstoppable team practices effective listening & authentic communication and believes in respect for all, for his/her/their rights and dignity. We practice transparency in communication and BEING Integrous in external […]

Purpose, Promise & Values

Our purpose, mission, and values Our Lived Values of a Mission Driven Culture – Integrity, Accountability & Authentic Communication are the foundation for TUG Inc.’s powerful promise and vision statements, which form our clearly defined reason for existing. Our Purpose to positively impact the world and contribute towards the betterment of humanity as a whole. […]

History of our firm

Founding year of the unstoppable group

History TUG Inc. has its headquarters in Mississauga, Greater Toronto Area- Canada, and was incorporated in 2012. Operations in full swing began in June of 2017 with Unstoppable Global Consultants, followed by  Unstoppable Performance Leaders (2021) and  Unstoppable Performance Alliance (2023) At The Unstoppable Group, we’re dedicated to empowering organizations with the tools they need […]