TUG Inc. has its headquarters in Mississauga, Greater Toronto Area- Canada, and was incorporated in 2012. Operations in full swing began in June of 2017 with Unstoppable Global Consultants, followed by  Unstoppable Performance Leaders (2021) and  Unstoppable Performance Alliance (2023)

At The Unstoppable Group, we’re dedicated to empowering organizations with the tools they need to innovate sustainably and achieve long-term performance gains. Our bold strategies and transformative techniques enable companies to build resilient workforces that will thrive not just for this generation, but for generations to come.

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Unstoppable Performance Alliance (UPA) is an ecosystem of EXCLUSIVE thought leaders, experts, solution & service providers in the areas Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Environmental Sustainability Governance (ESG), Change Management, and Organizational/Workforce Development. UPA is about mutual benefit, partnership, connection, affinity & team. It is an alliance moving together in shared visions, aligning their investments; finding mutual support and driven by mutual purpose. UPA offers powerful influencer collaboration to its alliance partners through the meticulously created “sphere of influence” by its sister company – Unstoppable Performance Leaders . For more information, please visit the UPA website @ www.unstoppableperformancealliance.com


Unstoppable Performance Leaders (UPL) is a procurement consulting firm supporting organizations with credible, top of the line external resources in the areas of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), Environmental Sustainability Governance (ESG), Change Management, and Organizational/Workforce Development. We BE-come an extension of the above departments and support bold leaders and change makers tasked with these vital initiatives. We “Listen For” what will make a REAL difference in what these leaders and their teams are dealing with. We share market intelligence, consult with, and advise them on solution sourcing and strategy implementation. We take on necessary leg work of sourcing and then rigorously qualifying and shortlisting credible and effective transformative solutions and thought leaders who are the best fit. We standby till projects are effectively executed (Globally) and jump in to lend an extra pair of hands as and if needed during the process. Thus, we enable leaders tasked with several accountabilities to catch a break, and at the same time get the credit they deserve- for a job well done and by making a difference for all stakeholders. Ultimately, we save our clients time, money, energy & effort without them having to make any compromise on the quality and effectiveness of external resources. For more information, please visit the UPL website @ www.unstoppableperformanceleaders.com


The Unstoppable Group (TUG) Inc. Operations in full swing began in June of 2017 with Unstoppable Global Consultants.

Unstoppable Global Consultants (UGC) provides training, education, knowledge, solutions, support with; and expertise in Client Acquisition, Business Development, Branding, Marketing, Sales, Go to Market & Revenue Acceleration programs for businesses. Educational, Advisory, Implementation and Execution, includes sales and marketing basics like:

  • Importance of positioning,
  • Marketing mix customization,
  • Creation of well-defined marketing plan,
  • Difference between MQL (marketing qualified lead) & SQL (sales qualified leads),
  • Defining Target Market, Sales Channel Strategy & Content Creation,
  • Prospecting, Clear and compelling articulation of offerings & Pipelining,
  • Structured follow-up with high potential leads to keep them engaged & nurture them through the buying cycle,
  • Support with optimizing pricing and increase close rates,
  • Development of marketing assets such as videos, articles, webinars, podcasts etc.

2012 - 2015

The corporation currently known as The Unstoppable Group (TUG) Inc. was founded originally under the name “South Asian Media Matters – Strategy Group Inc.” by owner/founder Minki Basu. In 2012 the following events led to the incorporation of the company that would later become The Unstoppable Group Inc. (TUG Inc.)

It was the winter of 2011, Minki had been let go from her corporate job. She was contemplating her next move when her friends approached her to lend her sales and marketing expertise at a local newspaper they had purchased. It was a community newspaper for the Southeast Asian community in Canada. It also served as a space to bond and connect. The task was to enroll fortune ranking companies to buy advertising space. Hesitant at first, never having had any experience with advertising sales; she took on the challenge and to her own surprise in two months set up several large corporate accounts for the business.

On February 7th, 2012- excited at “What’s possible”, Minki incorporated South Asian Media Matters -Strategy Group Inc. (SAMMSGI)

The firm operated as a sales and marketing consulting company for the media and consulted with publication owners from the community, executed advertising space sales to fortune companies, and organized and raised funding for community events. Soon however Minki realized that due to a lack of stringent regulations, new community newspapers were appearing from nowhere overnight; trying to secure advertising dollars from the same targeted corporations. Integrity was out amongst several of these publications, with them failing regular audits on their printing (# of copies) and distribution (locations where the community would be able to access them) commitments. Corporations soon started becoming concerned about credibility of these community publications and started pulling back their advertising dollars

Disgusted with witnessing such Integrity -out, reeling from the corporate pull back on advertising spending, with no funding to diversify the business model, with two kids to support as an immigrant single mother- disappointed and frustrated; Minki put all expansion plans on hold and started looking for a full time salaried job. SAMMSGI went on hold and Minki took on a position with a global hotel group and continued her journey through a labyrinth of challenging and learning experiences, albeit at times grudgingly.

And then, one fine morning in 2015; 13 years into her move to her new country Minki quit her well paying job & walked away not knowing what is next but determined to have a breakthrough at all costs. She was financially broke, mentally miserable, too proud to ask for help & frustrated at not being able to put a finger on “what was missing”. On her journey, searching for her purpose and full potential; through the study and practice of Ontology (the philosophical study of being, as well as related concepts such as existence, becoming, and reality)-Minki discovered her true calling and redefined her own possibilities.

Minki’s motto has always been & is – “The future belongs to those who DARE!”.

True to that Motto, three years to the month she had walked away from her job, in June 2017- SAMMSGI was reborn as Unstoppable Global Consultants. And the rest is history!